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I Believe In His Innocence

Asked to comment on the impact of Pedro Calado’s departure from the political and party scene, Cristina Pedra reminded all those present that she does not belong to the PSD-Madeira nor any other political party.

Asked to comment on Dr. Pedro Calado’s announcement that he will retire from all public, political, and party positions, upon his return to Madeira, the new Mayor of Funchal reiterated that, at this time, it is important to address “that justice belongs to justice, and politics belongs to politics.”

“From the beginning, I have been convinced of Dr. Pedro Calado’s innocence and he has my unequivocal support.  I cannot comment on how the PSD will be affected by his withdrawal from politics, as I am not affiliated to any political party, and so this is a question you cannot expect me to answer.”

The former Mayor of Funchal returned to Madeira today after refusing to speak to journalists in Lisbon, saying I will only speak to the Madeirans when I reach Madeira.  He later confirmed that he is retiring from all his political and public responsibilities.

Samantha Gannon

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