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Students Study Marine Algae

For the second consecutive year, 8th grade students of the Padre Manuel Álvares Basic and Secondary School (EBSPMA), in Ribeira Brava, became scientists/researchers as they dedicated themselves to the study of “Microalgae and other small aquatic organisms,” from the ARDITI Educational Service.

In an initiative that is part of the Mare Nostrum project, young scientists benefited from the opportunity to connect with biotechnology allowing for the testing of different experimental conditions on the growth of microalgae and rotifers, as well as brine shrimp behaviours.

Collaborating with this marine project are marine biologist Ricardo José (MARE-Madeira), as well as the Calheta Mariculture Centre, Regional Directorate of Fisheries and Sea of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with the main purpose of the in vivo exploration of biological and ecological concepts, with the application of calculus and graphic representation addressed in the 8th grade Natural Sciences curriculum, such as photosynthesis and trophic chains.

At a time when the topic of pressure on food resources is increasingly on the “agenda,” participating students had the opportunity to discuss and critically analyze various environmentally sustainable solutions, within a sustainable marine ecosystems framework.

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