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Corruption: The Facts Don’t Fit The Fiction

Today, at the entrance to the Justice Campus in Lisbon, lawyer Raul Soares da Veiga, who is defending businessman Avelino Farinha, spoke to the journalists present and reinforced that the evidence indicated in the indictment order to his client is weak. And he explained why: “Because they don’t prove what is alleged, it’s as simple as that. From my point of view, certain things have emerged which contradict what was alledged.”

The formal questioning of  Avelino Farinha began on Friday, continued on Saturday, and concluded today.  Responding to questions, the lawyer outlined the process stating that firstly, it is the investigating judge who asks the questions, which is already being done. Then it’s the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP). So we’re halfway through, I don’t know exactly at what point, because the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor’s Office ask whatever they want. But for the matter, we should be a little more than halfway. After that, it’s the defence, but there may be questions again.”

His client remains “very well, very firm, very available, very willing to clarify everything, despite being detained for 13 days. “Well, still, you see. We are talking about a strong man,” he said.

He does not believe that at the end of the interrogation, preventive detention measures will be requested, hoping that “as things are clarified the Public Prosecutor’s Office will begin to see that the evidence, is weak and that what seemed to be, is nothing more than hot air and conjecture.

After this my client should not be viewed as a dangerous criminal and no further preventative detention should be applied. If this does not happen, we shall appeal, as the treatment of my client will be seen as completely disproportionate, unjustified, and even illegal.”

The case hearings have been delayed due to court strikes, similar to the ones during the Monte Tree trial.

Samantha Gannon

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