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Cristina Pedra Takes Over From Pedro Calado

It is now official. The Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, resigned today as mayor. He will now be succeeded by Cristina Pedra, who has up until now been the Vice-President.

Accompanied by the rest of the municipal executive, Cristina Pedra said that she has already started an office reshuffle.

“There is no suspicion or suspicion about the Funchal City Council, nor any of its councillors. We are, as always, available to assist, cooperate, and collaborate with the Justice system,” the new head of the CMF stated, ensuring that the services provided to citizens are fully functioning and that citizens can trust the municipality.

“Funchal residents can rest assured and trust in the excellent professionals of this City Council,” she asserted, guaranteeing that the city council will not turn its back on the challenges and that all processes, including those related to real estate developments in Praia Formosa, are “correct” and were decided “within the limits of legality.”

Cristina Pedra also condemned the demands for the holding of mid-term elections by the opposition, complaining of a lack of coherence on the part of the opposition since, when it was in charge of the CMF, suspicions also fell on it.

“The opposition that calls for elections is the same one that in 2020 did not resign when the Chamber had a process of suspicions for crimes of passive corruption, economic participation in business, malfeasance, and abuse of power. Consistency is needed, and memory is needed. And it is also necessary to see that even within the opposition they do not understand each other. Some ask for resignations, and some defend, and rightly so, the presumption of innocence.”

Concluding, she thanked Pedro Calado for his dedication to the CMF.

Ana Bracamonte is also on the move, but for now, the current President of Madeira has not stated which duties she is to assume.  An announcement will be made on Thursday

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