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This Corruption Operation Needs to be Investigated

There needs to be a “public, full and urgent explanation” about sending hundreds of inspectors to Madeira in military planes as part of the mega-operation. A position defended by Cunha Rodrigues, former Attorney General of the Republic, who, in statements to Renascença radio, guarantees that if he still took office he would not allow it.

Cunha Rodrigues says that he broke his silence for the imperative reasons of defending democracy and the rule of law.

“I consider that the simultaneous dispatch to an Autonomous Region of hundreds of inspectors of the Judiciary Police, in military aircraft, to carry out searches and the prior travel of media cannot be justified by common reasons of a procedural nature and transparency, and require a public, full and urgent explanation.”

José Souto Moura, former Attorney General of the Republic between 2000 and 2006, was also “surprised” by the mega-operation. And also regrets the “occurrence of yet another violation of the secrecy of justice. The fact that journalists from the continent were in Madeira to cover the event means there has been a severe violation of the secrecy of justice.”

Samantha Gannon

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