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Regional Government Close to Ruin

With Chega and the PS-Madeira moving forward with their calls to remove the current government from office, the mud-slinging season is well and truly in open, with the JPP believing that everything ‘stinks of corruption,’ the PS getting on their high-horse about how the government is undermining the true values of leadership, people switching sides overnight, the whole thing is becoming a circus, especially, as confidential documents have been leaked on the internet.

In some ways, only the People-Nature-Animals party (PAN) is looking at things sensibly and asking that the current President of Madeira, who is also under suspicion of corruption step down and someone new be appointed in his place. This is nothing new, as late last year, the President was under investigation for much the same things as the Mayor of Funchal currently is.

Miguel Albuquerque has lifted his immunity, which comes in two forms: as President of the Regional Government, but also, as a State Councillor. This prevents, with rare exceptions, his detention, which in a normal framework can only happen in a situation in which there is consent from the Legislative Assembly of Madeira and the Council of State. He has also stated that he will not resign.

With this and the inevitable jostling for power, the Portuguese Labour Party (PTP) added one very salient comment to the proceedings, stating that ‘those in glass houses should not throw stones;’ stating that other party leaders have shown less than exemplary behaviour in the past, as have their party’s.

It’s the old adage of ‘rats deserting sinking ships’ and ‘fleas don’t live on dead dogs!’

Samantha Gannon

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