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Rainfall Anomaly in Pico do Areerio

According to a summary of the main meteorological data for November 2023, the highest value of total rainfall was recorded at the Pico do Areeiro weather station (143.4 mm), with the 30th showing the highest daily level at 88.1 mm.

On the other hand, the lowest monthly value was recorded in Lugar de Baixo (4.0 mm). Compared to the climatological normal 1961-1990 for November, a negative anomaly of around 310.5 mm was registered at the Chão do Areeiro station.

It should also be noted that no weather stations showed a positive rainfall indicator in relation to normal values.

Analysing the rainy days, which include drizzle, rain, and torrential rain, it is concluded that the maximum number of rainy days (days with 0.1 mm of precipitation or more) was recorded at the Santana station (21 days), and in the case of rainy days (days with 1.0 mm of precipitation or more) were the stations located at Chão do Areeiro and Santo da Serra, to record the highest value (6 days). Regarding the number of very rainy days (days with 10 mm of precipitation or more), the stations of Chão do Areeiro and São Vicente recorded 3 days.

Air Temperature

In November 2023 the highest average temperature (22.0 °C) was recorded in 2 stations (Funchal/Lido and Lugar de Baixo) and the lowest average temperature was recorded in Pico do Areeiro (12.5 °C).

Compared to the climatological normals of November, all the stations (7) for which it was possible to provide this information presented higher values, with Chão do Areeiro standing out with +5.0 °C of deviation compared to the normal of this season.

With regard to the absolute maximum and minimum temperatures recorded in the last month, the extremes were recorded at the stations of Funchal/Observatory (28.2 °C on the 22nd) and Pico do Areeiro (1.3 °C on the 8th).

It should be noted that, at the Lugar de Baixo station, the maximum temperature was equal to or greater than 25 °C on 17 days of the month. The normal value for this season is 2.3 days.

Relative humidity

During November the monthly average values of relative humidity ranged from 55% in Pico do Areeiro to 95% in Santo da Serra. The minimum daily value of relative humidity (2%) was recorded at the Quinta Grande station, and the maximum value (100%) was reached at 8 stations, on different days of November.


Among the 16 stations with anemometer, the Chão do Areeiro station registered the highest average wind intensity at 16.0 km/h, on the other hand, it was at the Monte/Quinta Jardins do Imperador station indicated that the lowest average wind speeds were around 4.7 km/h. Wind gusts peaked at 89 km/h at Chão do Areeiro on the 6th of November.

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