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We Need EU Funding Transparency

The Liberal Initiative (IL) party is determined to create a digital platform that aims to promote transparency with regard to EU funding.

“Regardless of how the various parties would allocate the European funds that Madeira receives, there is a consensus that their allocation should be as transparent as possible to society. Not only because it is what is morally correct in a democracy like ours, but also because it contributes to the scrutiny that Civil Society, the Media, the Regional Assembly, and other entities have the obligation to carry out. Only in this way will a better and more careful use of these same funds be ensured,” said the IL in a press statement.

“It is essential that this money – which we will all have to repay, sooner or later – has a real impact on people’s lives so that Madeira does not waste this opportunity. Contrary to what has already happened with part of the use of previous European funds, which have often been used in an incomprehensible, unuseful, and non-transparent way, it is imperative that this financial package is used scrupulously and that the creation of an online portal of public access is urgent and essential. A portal where all citizens can monitor and scrutinize the entire process related to the implementation of European funds in an easy to use way.”

The IL Madeira has delivered to ALRAM a proposal for a Regional Legislative Decree that aims to create an online portal for transparency of the process of implementation of European funds – the Madeira Transparency Portal, and to ensure that the implementation of the Transparency Portal is universal. The proposal aims to establish that the creation and maintenance of this Portal be carried out by IDR (Institute for Regional Development, IP-RAM) through an independent entity, in order to ensure the necessary impartiality.”

For the IL, “this independent entity should be hired through a public tender, to ensure that the contracted entity is the most technically capable and suitable.”

It was recently disclosed that some agricultural funding from the EU does not require an audit trail.

Samantha Gannon

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