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Insects in Food

The National Democratic Alternative Party (ADN) party said in a statement, that it wants the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira to formalise legislation to protect consumers who, “without realising it, purchase food that contains insects or insect by-products.  These, they say, are being introduced to food as a ‘supposed’ alternative protein source.

Portugal, said Miguel Pita, has allowed since 2021 the use of insects as raw materials in food made for human consumption. These raw materials include insects, insect meal, and other insect-based products as part of a move to create a harmonious shift from meat-based protein to insect.

“The UN is one of the globalist entities defending this insect-based diet and wants to introduce this type of food worldwide, because they say, helps mitigate “climate change” and promotes the food security of a planet overpopulated with 8 billion people. This “and other globalist or supranational entities have done everything to encourage the production of insects as food for humans instead of cattle, claiming that they are a source of protein and micronutrients that do not emit climate-damaging gases, unlike cattle and other animals that are enemies of the climate agenda.”

“Those who wish to introduce insects into their diet should be able to continue to do so, but what we do not accept is that they force us to adhere to something that we think is insane and that is supported by a climate hysteria, with the ultimate goal of obtaining social control by all world governments,” the candidate stressed.

In this way, the party intends to legislate on this subject so that commercial establishments in the Autonomous Region of Madeira are obliged to separate all food products that use, as raw materials, insects, insect meal, or other insect-based products, in the same way as they do with gluten-free products and ensure that they are labelled correctly.

This measure, now proposed by DNA, is already practiced in countries such as Italy, Hungary, and Poland, where a label is placed on this type of product stating: ‘Attention, this food product contains insect protein.’

“The DNA party will continue to inform the population about a new world that supranational and globalist entities want to impose, with the justification that they are improving our lives and that we should abandon the consumption of meat to start eating insects, fake meat created in a laboratory or artificial food.”

Samantha Gannon

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