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New Charging Networks in 2024

By the end of the year, the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) will launch a public tender to extend the city’s electric car charging network.

Councillor Bruno Pereira, who is responsible for the municipality’s mobility, also wants all car parks managed by the CMF to be equipped with electric car charging points as “according to EU rules, from 2030, all new cars sold will have to be electric by law.”

Our concerns are centered on road safety and energy efficiency, Bruno Pereira warned, further stating the importance of using public transport. “I ask our citizens to do the math: between parking expenses, fuel, and maintenance, compared with the attractive rates offered by Horários do Funchal.”

Between the 16th and the 22nd of September , the CMF will be actively involved in European Mobility Week, an initiative of the European Commission, to raise awareness among cities about energy transition and carbon neutrality to minimise the effects of climate change.

An exhibition, “History of Transport in Funchal: Past, Present and Future,” will be on display at the Praça do Município, where citizens will have the opportunity to learn about the evolution of land travel, including traditional vehicles, classic cars, bicycles, and the latest 100% electric vehicles.

During Mobility Week, the Funchal City Council will carry out several activities, including a conference, titled, “Mobility and Urbanism: Reinventing the City!” and a debate on “Driving is not a Game!” The programme also includes a march for active aging oriented at the senior community, “Mobi Kids: Safety on 2 wheels,” aimed at the student community, as well as “Active Sundays.”

The Municipality of Funchal also intends to introduce new traffic regulations in built-up areas to help prevent speed related accidents.

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