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1 out of 10 Drivers Drunk!

Luís Simões, the Regional Commander of the Public Security Police (PSP), defended that society “has to reflect on alcohol abuse.” Stating that around 10 out of every 100 drivers inspected in Madeira have blood alcohol levels higher than allowed. Madeira’s rates are considerably higher than those on the mainland (11% Madeira as opposed to 6% on the mainland).

Behaviour underlies criminal activity, accidents, violence, and insecurity, Luís Simões stressed, saying that in addition to the consumption of drugs, “whether conventional or new psychotropic substances, society has to see drunkenness as abuse. And very often, drunkenness is the cause of serious road accidents in the region.”

“This, as our regional police officers well know, is one of the main causes of domestic violence, disorders, offenses to physical integrity, aggressions and many of the damages of the resistance itself, coercion or aggression towards law enforcement agents,” stated the police chief, who was speaking at the ceremony commemorating the 145th anniversary of the Public Security Police Command (PSP) of Madeira.

Last year, the Madeiran PSP recorded 1,048 drunk driving incidences, and as a result, arrested 825 people. In the first half of this year, the PSP has arrested 550 drunk drivers and recorded more than 650 driving under the influence occurances.

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