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We Need Balanced Education

The National Democratic Alternative Party (DNA) defends its stance on “reducing the use of digital formats in school education, especially in the 1st and 2nd cycle.”

“Although the digital world is part of our life, we cannot accept that it completely dominates us, especially when we are talking about children who are still shaping their way of thinking and behaving.”

“Abandoning reading through the use of traditional methods facilitates distractions in the classroom because students can access social networks, games, and other content unrelated to what is being taught by the teacher.  Futhermore, books have the ability to create a picture in children’s minds that is unique unto themselves, thus helping them develop their imaginations and, therefore, increase children’s ability to play and exercise. What we are against is that children have to be computer experts before they even begin to learn how to read.”

In addition, the party considers that “the option for excessive use of digital will condemn writing to obscurity because the dependence of students who mostly use digital for self-correction and automatic editing tools impairs students’ writing and communication skills.” They also expressed their concern regarding “the safety of our children, because excessive exposure to technology in schools increases online safety risks for students, such as cyberbullying, identity theft and access to inappropriate content.”

In short, the party “is not against the use of technology in schools” but prefers to “find a healthy balance between the use of digital devices and traditional teaching methods, to ensure that students develop both digital and analogue skills in a balanced way, something that is no longer happening.”

The National Democratic Alternative Party was formed in 2015 when it split from the Earth Party. It classes itself as Traditional and Anti-Establisment.

Samantha Gannon

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