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NRP Mondego Crew Accused of Insubordination

The lawyers of the 13 men accused of insubordination after refusing to board the NRP Mondego while based in Madeira during a surveillance mission, have been accused of ‘disobeying a direct order’ and could face prison sentences.

As reported by the weekly Expresso, in statements to the media, Paulo Graça was not surprised by the accusation directed at all the sailors involved.

“It’s generally what the Navy has already said. There is nothing new here. It is the formalisation of an assumption the Admiralty grabbed hold of from the beginning.” He began, he then criticised the proceedings by saying that the charges were a ‘one size fits all.’

“The point is that [the indictment] does not pertain to any of them, and this is important from a constitutional point of view, because, the right to a hearing and defence presupposes that the defendant knows what the charge is about.” He maintained, adding that many of the sailors may be ignorant of what they are being accused of.

Asked if, in the face of this accusation, the 13 military personnel can incur a prison sentence, Paulo Graça replied: “Both could be applied.  A prison sentence or some other form of disciplinary action may apply to each case. ”

Lawyer Garcia Pereira testified that the defendants are “well, and maintaining their dignity.”

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