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Homeless Accused of Drugging and Murdering Dogs

‘Drug addicts are doping dogs and murdering them.’

A stark statement by ANIMAD and several other animal charities who have been looking into the misuse and poor treatment of dogs at the hands of their drug addicted homeless owners.

The suffering reaches “Dantesque” proportions, in the opinion of Natália Vieira, from ANIMAD. A concern also shared by the ombudsman, João Freitas, who demands more supervision and toxicological tests. But not all homeless people commit these crimes, which is why Sílvia Ferreira, from CASA, calls for the removal of the dogs to be “concerted and strategic.”

In addition to animal welfare, there is another problem: that of Romanian beggars. The New Consul promises to deal with the matter.

We have also had problems with Romanian pickpockets, so please keep all valuables out of sight and make sure that bags and handbags cannot be opened by anyone standing behind you.

Samantha Gannon

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