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Dolores Aveiro to Sue Paper for Slander


Dolores Aveiro, the mother of CR7,  announced today that she has called her lawyers to clear her good name and that of her family, because of a news story published “in a well-known Portuguese newspaper.”

Although she does not name the publication, the statement was released on the same day that a news story was published in Correio da Manhã based on statements made by astrologer Mhoni Vidente, who accuses Ronaldo’s mother of resorting to witchcraft to separate her son from his partner Georgina (this following rumours that the relationship is in trouble).

About the newspaper in question, Dolores Aveiro says that the publication “uses and abuses” the name of the Aveiro family “to promote itself.” Especially when this story, she fumed, “is false, slanderous, and even macabre.”

“It speaks of horrendous acts that I have committed to prevent the happiness of one of my children. What they accuse me of is slanderous, false, and hurts me and my family.” Quoted Ronaldo’s mother. 

Dolores Aveiro stresses that her good name “will never be thrown into the public arena and that she will never allow such an unprofessional source of information to use her name “in vain.” She went on to say that she would fight the allegations made by the newspaper to the end and will only stop when the paper can successfully verify the contents of their story.

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