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Easyjet: Airline Blasted for Callous Attitude



A young woman took to social media to express her outrage at the way Easyjet behaved towards their customers in Lisbon due to the inoperability of Madeira Airport. 

“Easyjet, TAP, and other airlines were unable to land in Madeira due to the wind, nor are there any flights available in the coming days. The solution suggested by an EasyJet employee was to tell everyone to change their flights through the Easyjet App, after which it would be possible to book accommodation. 

The young woman says that, naturally, many of the elderly who were there did not know how to use the EasyJet application and that the response given by the company was always: ‘I can do nothing!’

In addition, she said that passengers, “were unable to change their flights by a day or even a month, and therefore, it was not possible to access the accommodation site. So, with all flights being fully booked the only solution was for everyone to book a new flight, (Thursday only) and pay for it themselves. Leaving those without friends and family in Lisbon, or with little money remaining at the airport to sleep on the floor until they could board the next available flight.”

In short, the young woman is outraged that no one took responsibility for the situation, and states that passengers are “treated like animals by these airlines who think it is normal for families, the elderly, etc., to sleep and sit on an airport floor for three nights.”

Her comments were further backed up by another passenger stuck in Porto, who said that they were being treated just the same.

Samantha Gannon

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