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PAN Party Defend Creation of Metropolitan Police

PAN – People, Animals, and Nature Party advocate the creation of a metropolitan police force as a way to combat insecurity, which they believe would “give people back the security they need.”

This is the conclusion drawn after meetings with inhabitants of different neighborhoods of Funchal, Santa Cruz, and Câmara de Lobos to better understand the feelings of insecurity felt in different neighbourhoods across the region.

“Along with the urgent appreciation of PSP and GNR professionals that the PAN supports, the party argues that one of the ways to fill the shortage of police personnel in the region would be through the creation of the Metropolitan Police (Funchal – Santa Cruz – Câmara de Lobos) to reinforce, in conjunction with the PSP and GNR, proximity policing, to defend communities. The Metropolitan Police would have administrative authority, as well as surveillance and supervision powers, ensuring an effective police presence on the streets.”

Weighing in on local ‘security problems’ the Portuguese Labour Party (PTP) also had their say on the matter.

In a statement, PTP President, Quintino Costa called on the relevant authorities and City Council to reach a consensus and for measures to be taken to control the violence.

“We cannot continue to watch unmoved and serene violence in the streets, robberies of shops and private homes, continuing to pretend that everything is fine. The Regional Government, the competent authorities, and Municipal Councils must meet and reach a consensus, taking the necessary measures to control the upsurge of violence and insecurity in the region. The Regional Government, in particular, the President of the Regional Government can no longer be irresponsible and claim that there is no violence, such statements that aim to hide violence and crime, serve as a vitamin for criminals, and put security and property at stake.

Violence, however slight, cannot and must not be dismissed in the speeches of rulers and political leaders.

The security and best interests of the population are above political interests and in particular what the President of the Regional Government understands as political correctness.

It is necessary to overcome political correctness and take care of the city’s security.”

Samantha Gannon

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