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Disciplinary Action Faces Disobedient Naval Crew

The crew who refused to leave Funchal Pier and board the NRP Mondego and take part in a surveillance mission tracking a Russian vessel off the north coast of Porto Santo will be removed from their posts. However, it has now been confirmed that the entire crew will be replaced, not just those who disobeyed a direct military order.  The ‘mutiny’ occurred as serving personnel felt that the ship was unsafe due to the port engine not working, generator problems, and leakages.

Those refusing to board are now being questioned and risk being charged with insubordination. Thus, as far as the military is concerned they did not fulfill their military duties, disobeying their orders and responsibilities.

A more in-depth assessment of the ship was made yesterday, and because criminal charges may be brought in, the Military Judicial Police have been informed of the situation.

Samantha Gannon

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