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Airport: January 2022 Way Better Than January 2019

The Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM), recently published an ANA – Airports of Portugal based article relating to  January 2023 air passenger and transport figures.

During January 2023 RAM airports registered a total of 323,300 passengers travelling on 2,593 aircraft. These figures reflect annual variations of 83.3% and 43.7%, respectively. When compared to January 2019 (pre-pandemic period), this year saw an increase of 39.2% in passenger movement and 24.5% in aircraft movement.

Each aircraft (considering jointly those that landed and took off) carried, on average, about 128.6 passengers (102.3 in January 2022) at Madeira airport, while in Porto Santo, that amount did not exceed 62.8 passengers (49.9 in the same month).

In January 2023, the movement of domestic and international passengers at RAM airports recorded positive homologous variations, with international traffic growing more (+83.9%) than domestic (+82.6%). Compared to the same period before the pandemic (2019), domestic traffic grew by 48.8% and international traffic by 31.5%.

At Madeira airport, international traffic (53.6%) predominated compared to domestic traffic (46.4% of the total). Porto Santo Airport showed a significant predominance of domestic traffic, with even more significant values during the winter period (87.8% of the total).

In this reference month, scheduled flights at RAM airports accounted for 93.3% of all scheduled aircraft and 94.8% of passengers (86.4% and 89.3% in the same period, respectively).

In January 2023, the occupation of aircraft at RAM airports was 73.4%, with madeira airport reaching 73.6% and Porto Santo at 66.6%. In the same period last year, the occupancy rate was lower, at 63.2%, 63.3%, and 59.8%, in the same order.

The United Kingdom tops the tourism flight tables, followed by Germany and France.

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