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Neon Colour Run on 24th of March

The Parish Council of Ribeira Brava will organise, for the fourth time, the ‘Neon Colour Run.’

The run takes place at night over three and a half kilometers, in the historic centre of Ribeira Brava.  For added fun, all the street lights are turned off, and all runners are equipped with a headlamp and a bag of coloured powder, which they have to throw over as many participants as they can during the run.

There is no prize for the most ‘hits,’ but the aim is to have as much fun as possible.

Entry to the event costs 10 euros, of which 2 euros will go to two institutions: the Regional Centre of the Portuguese League Against Cancer and the Parish Centre of São Bento, Ribeira Brava.

Registration can be made in various locations, including the Junta da Ribeira Brava, the Boards of Chamber of Lobos, Serra de Água, Machico, and Santa Cruz.  Campanário Sports Association, Arriaga Clinic, ACIN, Brava Gym, and the Louros Car stand.

One thousand seven hundred participants are expected to enter the event, and all those registered are entitled to an entry kit; these are available from the Junta da Ribeira Brava.  The event organisers stress that all participants must wear the current ‘kit’ as those who don’t may not be covered by the events insurance.  People have been participating, but not paying the entry fee!

Afterwards there will be musical entertainment from Flávio Mendez, resident DJ, and regional DJs OXY and Raffz.

The event’s main sponsors are the ACIN Group and Louros Car

This is a brilliant event and a must for runners of all ages.

Samantha Gannon

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