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R & R In Madeira Before Returning to Hell

A group of young Ukrainians are currently staying in Madeira to try and process and take time out from the harrowing situation they are living under.

Arina Stolbtsova, Oleksandra Slipnova, Olga Gayova, Agnia Avzylina, and Vladyslav Faranots have lived under fire for nine months in Ukraine. They’re not refugees. They are in Madeira, under the Erasmus+ programme, through the ‘My Madeira Island’ Association.

As part of their stay, they visited local media outlet, JM, and talked about their experiences. It was an emotional time for the five and staff members as the young Ukrainians related their experiences, as well as agreeing that their stay in Madeira had given them hope and the energy to return to their homeland.

They return home on the 30th of November.

Samantha Gannon

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