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Burglary Ends in Death

Neighbours of the man, who last night killed a burglar, are in shock.

Talking to newspaper, JM, locals say they are concerned about the future of the neighbour who acted in self-defence in an area that is becoming increasingly dangerous due to drugs. Many claim that the neighborhood of Santo Amaro is a drug den, and believe that the murdered assailant may not even be from the area. But they say they believe it is all connected to drug addiction and trafficking.

Neighbours say that they saw a PSP vehicle at around 2 pm yesterday and then another one later on in the evening, but were unaware that anything had happened until they saw it on the news. One woman who lives a couple of doors down from where the incident occurred cried out “Oh, my God, I’m so sorry. It just hurts my heart. It’s all because of drugs!”

The same source said that the incident began when the son of the owner of the house became involved in a physical altercation with two men he found stealing fruit from his back garden. He immediately called the police, but by the time they arrived the individuals had fled, only to return when the police had left.

According to DN Madeira, the burglar was stabbed by the homeowner, who has now been arrested for murder.

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