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Ryanair Joins Up With Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

On Friday, the 28th of October, Ryanair became the first airline to start working with the ‘Hidden Disabilities Sunflower’ network, which uses sunflower lanyards – a globally recognised symbol of non-visible disability.

“This new initiative is part of the airline’s ongoing customer experience, enabling Ryanair pilots, cabin crew, and support teams to help their customers by making travel easier and more accessible to everyone.”

With more than 1.5 million Ryanair customers requiring special assistance each year, the airline, with the support of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, has developed and delivered an annual training programme to help its teams gain a deeper understanding of the problems non-visible disability sufferers face.

Talking to reporters, Ryanair spokesperson, Tracy Kennedy said:

“Ryanair’s crew based on 90 bases is ready to support association members through additional help, greater understanding, and the provision of additional time to allow sufferers to enjoy their travel experience. We are delighted to be the first Irish airline to recognise Sunflower Lanyards, allowing the 17,000 people in our 90 crew bases to support our customers with non-visible disabilities better.”

For those interested in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network, please visit:

Samantha Gannon

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