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Madeira Walking Football Update

One year on and Madeira Walking Football is flourishing.  It’s been a year where membership has grown, where people who now live on Madeira having moved from the UK, USA, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany, have witnessed an improvement in their health and well-being since taking part in this activity.  Furthermore, many holidaying visitors (both men and women) from Walking Football Clubs from all over the UK, have experienced the fun, friendship, and hospitality that MWF has to offer.
MWF recently introduced further sessions at their beautifully located “home base”, Centro Desportivo Stadium da Ribeira Brava, these sessions take place on Mondays and Friday’s 09:30 – 11:00. The extra sessions on Fridays have been beneficial in improving the groups’ fitness and ability. This is going to help them enormously as they look forward to taking part in the forthcoming WF tournament on Porto Santo 29th October 2022, and other tournaments that we are currently planning for the future.
08/12/2022  Funchal
18/02/2023  Calheta
01/04/2023  Machico
03/06/2023  Ribeira Brava
October 2023  A Big International Tournament on Madeira
So if you are a Gent or a Lady aged 50+ and would like to get involved in this activity, have fun, meet new people and socialise all year round, Madeira Walking Football could be “just what the Doctor ordered” for you, this is how MWF started.
This is an exciting time to get involved, as the MWF has a promising future ahead.
Phil Bellamy
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