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Letters Pinned to Funchal Trees

A letter of unknown authorship was pinned to some of the city’s trees today, demanding that the Portuguese Government release release large sums of money, as well as stating that Luso-Venezuelans are being subjected to discriminatory treatment in Portugal.

It seems that the letters could related to the savings of emigrants which were lost when banks such as BANIF and BES went bankrupt.  While the request to intercede with the European Union will be related to the freezing of Venezuelan assets in the of financial and economic sanctions imposed on the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

The letters read:

“Our parents and we Luso-Venezuelans demand the Portuguese Government to unlock the 1,547,322,175.59 [euros] and we ask the Portuguese government as a member of the European Union to intercede for Venezuela so that the European Union unlocks the 5,470,030,640.30 [ of euros] for President Maduro to use at the service and well-being of the people as he has always done.

In Venezuela there is only one people, we are all black, we are all white and our country feels Venezuelan and the people treat us as Venezuelans.

The human warmth of the Venezuelan is so great that it is felt by everyone who lives and works in Venezuela. This human warmth is only found in Venezuela.


Samantha Gannon

info at

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