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Porto Santo – A Year Round Destination?

Today, the PSD Parliamentary Group praised the strategy which has been implemented in terms of Tourism in Porto Santo, highlighting in particular the work carried out to increase the frequency of air connections, and routes to the island, believing that through this, Porto Santo will be able to become an ‘all year round’ destination.

In an initiative carried out at the airport, Bernardo Caldeira stressed that the summer operation, which runs from May to October, is already a success, highlighting in particular the demand generated by the national market. He is however, optimistic about the winter operation, which, according to him, is already showing signs of promise.

In this regard, Bernardo Caldeira mentioned that, in addition to the connections from Italy and Denmark, this winter EasyJet would be offering two flights a week from Lisbon and another two from the UK,  which, will allow the business fabric of the island to develop its year round activity.

As a result, he added, two more hotel units will be remain open during both the summer and winter season.

Good news for Porto Santo and its population.

Samantha Gannon

info at

Madeira Weekly