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Curral das Freiras Cable Car Opposition

The Movimento é Possível Impedir a Destruição” (Movement is Possible to Prevent Destruction – MPID), has advised the Regional Government of Madeira, that if it carries out its intention of going forward with its Curral das Freiras cable car project, they will be increasing the environmental and security risks of the area. 

Having participated in the Public Consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the MPID strongly oppose the project, due to the significant environmental risks the cable car system will pose, both in the access to the planned Miradouro do Paredão station, and access to Boca da Corrida, infrastructure implications, such as road building and car parking as well as the environmental impact of transport and visitors to the area.

Regarding some of the more negative environmental impacts, since the cable car’s construction will impinge on part of a Special Protection Zone, Special Conservation and Laurel Forest Zone, in terms of Flora, Vegetation and Habitats, will be adversely affected as a result of the increase in human traffic in these sensitive localities. Furthermore, there are security risks, given “the extreme danger of the cable car stations.”

Added to these, is the fact that the planned work will be carried out on unstable and geologically delicate cliffs. Thus, the geological conditions become even more unstable and, consequently, with the projected cable car system, the local population and property will be exposed to greater dangers, especially those posed by rock falls. 

Therefore, for several reasons, “the Movement is Possible to Prevent Destruction publicly expresses its opposition to the ‘disastrous cable car system’ that the Regional Government of Madeira intends to implement.

Samantha Gannon

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