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Emergency Services Called Out to Rescue Trapped Motorists

The Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters were called out at 2 am this morning to help four people who were trapped in the snow in the Poiso area.

The Municipal Civil Protection Service of Funchal, also issued a statement saying that, from 00:00 to 10:00 today (03/14/2022), between the two Funchal fire brigades and the Municipal Civil Protection, there have been 11 occurrences. resulting from the adverse weather conditions, namely tree falls and landslides. 

As a result of the snow and hail, car access restrictions are in place in areas over 500 m above sea level. The Municipal Civil Protection Service of Funchal recommends that citizens, who reside in places with circulation conditioned by the bad weather, remain in their homes, as some roads have become dangerous to drive along. Furthermore, the Funchal Municipality (CMF) has stated that access to the mountainous areas of Funchal, namely the Ecological Park, has been closed.

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