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Five Tonnes of Donations Sent to Lisbon

As part of a campaign launched last week by Valentyna Chan, the Madeiran representative of the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal, went aboard the GS Lines (Grupo Sousa), “Funchalense 5” ship, bound for Lisbon yesterday, as a second container carrying essential goods donated by Madeirans to the Ukrainian people was loaded.

The container is said to comprise of four tonnes of food, medicine and clothing. The first shipment, which set sail on Friday contained approximately one tonne of humanitarian aid. 

As part of their global strategy, a spokesperson for the Sousa Group said that they had been stunned at the serious and harmful repercussions that the military conflict is having on the Ukrainian population, and that from the very beginning, the Sousa Group, wanted to have the opportunity to embrace and operationalise the campaign promoted by the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal, in partnership with the Municipality of Funchal to transport essential goods, medicines and food.

Madeirans have taken this cause very seriously as and are doing all they can to donate much needed aid to the LOGISLINK collection point in Cancela.  Precedence is given to donations of food, first-aid material and medicines, while articles that do not require special conservation conditions and that can be transported as general cargo are treated as a priority.

The success of this initiative is also due to dozens of volunteers who for several days are dedicating their time and energy to this noble cause, through the reception, selection and organisation of donated items.

Because the war is not over yet, and there is a long way to go, Grupo Sousa reaffirms its firm commitment to this cause. In this sense, LOGISLINK will continue to receive all essential goods at the Cancela terminal, on working days, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Please give if you can…

Samantha Gannon

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