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Madeiran Girl Bakes Biscuits to Raise Money For Animal Sterilisation

Júlia is a young Madeiran teenager who is dedicated to animal welfare, and has been making and selling biscuits in order to raise money to help pay for the sterilisation of Madeira’s stray animals.

Her work, published on Facebook under ‘ O Mundo Animal da JuJu, ‘ takes her followers on her adventures, from biscuit baking to how she is raising funds for this important project.

In her latest publication, Júlia announces that she has finally achieved her first goal, and has raised enough money to sterilise a kitten.  She went on to say:

“WE ACHIEVED!!! The first stray kitten, who belongs to an uncontrolled colony, was sterilized with €€ from the cookies I made, and you bought. I’m already saving for the next one. Thank you all for supporting me!! I went to pay, kept the receipt to see after 1 year how many animals I was able to help, and the best part, I went to meet the spayed kitten!! I am really happy!! Now about to start work on the next one. ”

It is so lovely to hear of someone so young taking such a responsible attitude towards Madeira’s stray animals.  Please support Júlia if you can.

Samantha Gannon

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