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The „Mercado“ Night

As is tradition, Dec 23rd is “Noite do Mercado”: the “Mercado de Lavradores” in Funchal will be open at night. In the past, this was accompanied by traditional songs performed in the Market where the visitors could sing along the performers. Extra food and beverage had been offered and consumed, and the atmosphere used to be boisterous.

This year, due to the Pandemic, additional food and beverages stands are not allowed. The ARAE inspectors have been watching the area in and around the market since this afternoon, to make sure that no unlicensed stands open up, and that the population adheres to the hygiene and safety standards due to the Pandemic.  

Visitors who want to enter the mercado, have to show both a vaccination and antigen test certificate. In spite of this, it is hoped that many visitors will come by and participate.  So far, the Christmas Market on Av. Arriaga did not fare well under these conditions.

Ursula Hahn
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