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The Multibanco Machine swallowed my card! What to do?

Last updated on 14th June 2021

The Multibanco system has been around for 35 years and continues to be a widely used resource by those who resort to the most varied banking movements in Portugal. Despite the increasingly frequent use of homebanking, which, due to its efficiency and security, gains more and more followers, the use of the Multibanco network continues to grow. Multibanco offers about 60 features. Many of them are aimed at operations that far exceed account management, such as paying for purchases or acquiring travel tickets. 

In the past two years, the network has even broken usage records. According to data from the Multibanco website, in the first half of 2020, more than 717 million transactions were carried out at ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machine) and TPA (Automatic Payment Terminal), involving around €36 billion. At the moment, the Multibanco network has approximately 12 thousand ATMs, more than 337 thousand TPA and more than 23.7 million cards in circulation. 

Reliable and with a wide service network, Multibanco is not completely immune to incidents, or apparent malfunctions.  

How to Solve Problems at the ATM 

The Multibanco Machine retained the card after an operation 

You should immediately contact the bank that issued the card which may have expired. The machine may also have malfunctioned. But there may also be a risk of fraud, especially if, at the same time, a message appears to remove the card. Without losing sight of the card, seek support from the bank agency. 

Despite being debited from the account, the withdrawal amount was not waived 

If the cash is not dispensed, there will be an automatic correction of that amount. If not, you must file a complaint with the bank issuing the card with proof of receipt. 

The withdrawal did not return the full amount requested, despite being debited from the account

You must make a claim with your bank, accompanied by the transaction receipt and identify the place, date and time when the transaction occurred. 

You made a withdrawal, but Multibanco did not provide a receipt

If you need proof of withdrawal, you can obtain a duplicate copy of the receipt, using the card with which you made the transaction and selecting one of these paths: 

Consultations> Consultations Operations Card in MB> 2nd copy of receipt> Enter the desired date and Select one of the operations presented. 

Consultations> Consultations Operations Card in MB> Consultations prior to a date> Enter the desired date 

Bank Notes were not collected in time 

The bank security protocol requires a limited time for the collection of banknotes by the customer. If the time is exceeded, the machine collects them. The withdrawal amount is regularised in the account but you must register what happened with your bank. 

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