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Foreign Citizens Can Vote

The PSD parliamentary group today called for the political and civic participation of foreign citizens residing in Madeira in the next municipal elections.

In an initiative carried out at the Santa Luzia Parish Council, deputy Carlos Fernandes said that on the 25th of March, a Declaration was published that specifies which foreign citizens can vote in local elections in Portugal.  

The declaration states that  “According to the Organic Law on the election of the holders of the bodies of the local authorities, citizens over 18 years of age have active electoral capacity provided they have legally resided in Portugal for more than three years, provided that nationals of countries that, under conditions of reciprocity, attribute active electoral capacity to the Portuguese residents therein .”

Thus, the deputy argued, citizens residing in Portugal from the Member States of the European Union, Brazil and Cape Verde, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Peru, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Venezuela can vote, while citizens from EU Member States, Brazil, Cape Verde and United Kingdom can stand as candidates and be elected. Furthermore, all those who have lived in Portugal for more than five years, regardless of their nationality can vote.

Those who meet the criteria and are interested in participating in the next local elections,  must register with the local parish council census committee up to 60 days before the election.

Samantha Gannon

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