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Census Starts Tomorrow

As of tomorrow, the 19th of April, the 2021 Census begins.

In a Press statement, the Vice-Presidency of the Regional Government states that all responses should be made through the census webpage .

In most cases an envelope has been left at the recipient’s house which contains all the necessary access codes.  Furthermore, completing the online questionnaire is easy, safe and fast: simply access the website, enter your access code and password and answer the questions. After filling out the form, just select the ‘Deliver’ option, and the system will automatically generate a proof of return, this must be kept in a safe place.

Although internet responses are the preferred way through the e-Censos application, which is accessible by computer, tablet and mobile phone, people who do not use the internet or cannot be questioned via a face-to-face interview can phone the support line on 210 542 021.  Furthermore, citizens can also go to the E-censuses counter at their local Parish Council Office or request a paper questionnaire, which can be filled out and given to the area’s Census enumerator. Another alternative is to wait for a second enumerator visit and answer questions there and then.

However, no matter what method you choose, you must use the access codes given in the Census 2021 letter.  All census forms must be completed by the 3rd of May.  From that date, there will be an increase in the number of contacts made by enumerators to all those who fail to complete the questionnaire.

Fines for those who refuse to cooperate.

As with all statistical operations under the responsibility of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) or the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM), answers are mandatory and confidential.  And although the statistical authorities try to make the population aware of the importance of completing and submitting the Census questionnaire, by law the National Statistical System can impose fines for those who refuse to comply, and these fines can range from €250 – €50,000.

Almost complete card distribution.

According to the Vice-President, “the distribution of the access code letters has almost reached 100%, however, there may be delays in some areas and DREM has asked that those who have not received their Census 2021 letter to wait until the end of this week (23rd of April).  If for some reason you don’t receive the appropriate letter, you should contact your local parish council office.  That said, in older population areas, DREM has decided not to post letters but to conduct face-to-face interviews.

Operation is admittedly of great importance.

The censuses are carried out every ten years, and the information collected is essential for planning and political decision-making. The collaboration of the population will guarantee the definition of important financial developments for the Region, and distribution of funds to invest and support families and businesses.

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