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CMF Storm Repair Schedule

The Funchal City Council is currently carrying out cleaning, repair, maintenance, and prevention work throughout the municipality in response to last weekend’s storm.  The current list of repairs/cleaning is as follows: –

Cleaning streams by bridging walls and private land:

  • Vereda do Remígio – private wall and land fell into the stream. CMF is preparing to clean up the stream, and the landowner will be notified;
  • Caminho do Pilar – wall fell into the stream and material from the land continues to fall. CMF will proceed with cleaning, and the respective condominium will be notified;
  • Ribeiro da Praia Formosa – the municipal services have been working on the site since yesterday, but the stream is strangled for conduct by the owner. In case of heavy rain, the accumulated materials cause clogging;
  • Ribeiro next to the Yacht Club (Praia Formosa) – the municipal services have been working on the site since yesterday. In case of intense rainfall, the stream overflows, because it is small for the size of the rainwater it receives;
  • Ribeiro da Nora, Estrada Conde Carvalhal – closing the retaining wall of land into the stream. Municipal services will clean the water line and notify the owner;

Road cleaning:

  • Rua do Lazareto – EEM will proceed with the cleaning, following the work that is being carried out on site;
  • Avenida do Infante – fall of the wall and lands of the old Hospice for the tour. Owner will proceed with cleaning;
  • Estrada Monumental (Navio Azul) – the municipal services will clean the area, since the stream that passes through the place overflowed with the amount of water received;
  • Rua de São Martinho – collapse of a private wall and land for public roads. Municipal services will clean the road, with the support of a contractor;
  • Sales Caldeira Path – private wall and land fell to the public road. Cleaning has already been carried out, with the support of a contractor;
  • Rua das Maravilhas (Engenho do Mel bridge) – EEM started cleaning yesterday and the municipal services will complete them today;
  • Boa Nova impasse – private wall and land fell on the path. The municipal services are going to carry out cleaning today, more demanding due to the existence of large stones;
  • University Road – landslide in the parking area. Municipal services will proceed with cleaning, with the support of a contractor;
  • Washing operations with auto-tanks will also take place this Monday in the following areas: Estrada Monumental, Praia Formosa, Avenida do Mar, Avenida Sá Carneiro, Rua Sales Caldeira, Rua das Virtudes, Rua das Maravilhas, Cota 40 Tunnel ;

Track repairs:

  • Caminho do Palheiro – a substantial project, since the road collapsed. The road was already interrupted, because there was a lack of security for traffic, and the municipal services had already visited the site with the LREC to prepare the intervention. CMF is now preparing the necessary intervention;
  • Caminho do Amparo – CMF intervention at the site has already started and it will be necessary to replace the asphalt;
  • Caminho dos Salões – drinking water pipeline burst and damaged the pavement. CMF is already working on the site, with the support of a contractor;

Water network repairs:

  • Quebradas de Baixo, São Martinho – the water supply was restored yesterday, but it still only reaches a certain area. Municipal services are on the ground to identify the spill that is causing this situation;
  • Santa Maria Maior zone – large underground spill, which was only possible to detect last night. Municipal services are already on the ground, but the intervention is complex because the spill is in an area that is difficult to access;

De-silting of rainwater infrastructure:

CMF is promoting the de-silting of rainwater infrastructures that were partially obstructed by the storm, with a greater predominance in Baixa do Funchal.


Municipal services are conducting rounds and carrying out inspections both of the municipality’s urban gardens and green spaces, and of structures that may still represent collapse risks, with a special focus on private walls and land.

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