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PSP Detain Man For Several Crimes

The Regional Command of Madeira of the Public Security Police, issued a statement this afternoon, confirming that yesterday, the 24th of January, a 40-year-old man was arrested for committing several crimes, including theft, dangerous driving, coercion, possession of a prohibited weapon, drug trafficking and forging documentation (licence plates). 

Within the scope of the night surveillance and surveillance habits adopted by the Funchal Police Division, especially during the mandatory curfew period, a vehicle with false licence plates was identified driving around the top end of Funchal and as such was asked to stop by police officers.  

In response, the driver of the vehicle disobeyed the police order and sped recklessly through Funchal.  He was finally trapped in a police blockade, but only stopped after the police fired a warning shot.  Once arrested, he and the car was searched and officers found a box of material stolen from a construction site,  a prohibited weapon and 50 individual doses of cocaine.

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