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Ana Gomes Running For Presidency

The controversy surrounding the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBC) continues to dominate Ana Gomes visit to Madeira in support of her being a candidate for the presidential elections.

While visiting the Farmer’s Market in Funchal, the former MEP was confronted by journalists about the statements by the vice president of the Regional Government, who said that Ana Gomes “lies shamelessly,” and the President of Madeira, who said he did not know who Ana Gomes was.  Responding she said that it was a “crazy speech.”

Having been responsible for the European Commission initiating the investigation into the Madeira Free Zone, which concluded that the ZFM has not created effective employment and that the State of Portugal should return some of the aid given she concluded by saying that the situation must be amended and that the irregularities and illegalities identified need to be addressed as Madeiran’s are not stupid!

When asked about the forthcoming presidential elections, she did not want to make predictions regarding the electoral results in Madeira, or the presidential elections, on the 24th of January.  She stressed, however, that “more than ever, a women’s sensitivity is needed instead of power.” However, she acknowledged that this is a difficult and uneven campaign because of the pandemic, but criticised the current President of the Republic, who still “does not know if he is a candidate, but we all know that he will present himself as a candidate but has chosen to avoid the debate and scrutiny.”

She also understands that, despite the “dependence” on Tourism in the Region, there are other sectors that can help the regional economy, namely in terms of research, the blue economies as well as utilising the knowledge, science, and development that the University of Madeira generates within the economy.  Concluding she said “personally I think it is wrong for the island to depend so heavily on tourism or the construction industry. What Madeira needs is strategic vision.”

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