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In Culture There Are No Expenses, Only Investment

This week at the Machico Forum, the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, signed a protocol of development and cultural cooperation with the Machico Theatre Group.

On the occasion of his visit, he took the opportunity to learn about the group’s activities, especially its multidisciplinary work as highlighted by the variety of activities that complement each other but, fundamentally, promote the training of people.

Speaking on behalf of the group, the Mayor of Machico said that the municipality has a very strong cultural expression not only for historical reasons but because from an early age the population of Machico has always been involved not only in local traditions, habits and customs, but also in cultural aspects as we know them today which the Theatre Group is keen to promote. Eduardo Jesus also commentated that the Forum centre not only provides a service to the region but also to the people of Machico, as it creates opportunities, and the Theatre Group of Machico is a prime example of this.”

He concluded by saying that “there is investment in culture, and those who do not invest, do not reap the rewards.”

Samantha Gannon

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