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Our Children Are Not Prepared for This

The former president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Alberto João Jardim, did not spare his criticism on a range of subjects, including politicians and children, when recently talking to reporters and said that there was a dire need for discipline and respect for humanity during these troubled times.

When asked about the current situation, he confessed his skepticism about the quality of current national and European politicians and their ability to deal with the current crisis although he believes that out of chaos changes may occur: “improving the democratic system through new forms of political systems and encouraging new able politician’s to rise up and take control from the mediocrity that exists within Europe’s boarders. Furthermore,  we are experiencing a very strange world situation, in which Westerners cannot afford to waste time.”

Regarding the future of the regional economy, Jardim believes that it will depends on how long the health crisis persists and how the government manages the situation. “It doesn’t depend only on Madeira,” he said. “The generation of the second millennium is increasingly marked by individualism, personal interest and lack of solidarity, and they are not prepared for crisis situations such as the pandemic or indeed any others.”

Concluding he said that he was not belittling those who demonstrate their ability to facing difficult circumstances and face an uncertain future.

Samantha Gannon

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