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Mugged Eighteen Times

A resident from Rua da Orquídea, Santo António was recently robbed for the 18th time. Even more alarming, he was robbed by the same individual who has stolen from him before.

Residents of Rua da Orquídea, Santo António, continue to complain about the current spate of robberies that has shaken their neighbourhood.  On talking to local newspaper, JM, many complained of feeling insecure, unsafe, and fearful. ‘There are people in danger,’ said one resident who had recently been robbed. ‘Fortunately,’ they said, ‘the thief was unable to find anything in my pantry, which was empty, because my landlord was replacing the door and window that had been broken during the last robbery!’

This victim, who is described as elderly and foreign, has lived in the area for six years, and revealed that he has been the victim of almost daily thefts, and even worse, he has been mugged 18 times.  In addition to his previous complaints to the Public Security Police (PSP), he again, advised them of his situation this morning as he filed a fresh complaint.

According to a spokesperson for the PSP, the information recently reported in the press ‘does not correspond to the version of the facts as reported’ to the police.

Samantha Gannon

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