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Pet Vaccination Campaign – Back on the Road

In an announcement, the Municipality of Câmara de Lobos (CMCL) is set to resume its Causa Animal Chip ‘n’ Vac campaign from the 25th of July in Curral das Freiras.  The Causa Animal campaign, which costs  a maximum of €23.00, aims to vaccinate (rabies) and electronically chip (identification) dogs and cats residing in the municipality.  The fee also includes pet de-worming and registration with the Madeira Territorial Command – Pet Information System (SIAC).

The costs are broken down as such:

Rabies Vaccination €5

Electronic Chip €13

Registration with SIAC €3

Health Bulletin €1

De-wormer €1

After visiting Curral das Freiras on the 25th of July, ‘Causa Animal’ will then visit Câmara de Lobos on the 8th of August, Estreito de Câmara de Lobos on the 19th of September, Jardim da Serra on the 17th of October and finally Quinta Grande on the 14th of November.

According to Councillor Leonel Correia da Silva, “Câmara de Lobos is committed to providing adequate health conditions for the well-being of the localities pets. and that the ‘Causa Animal’ campaign, initiated in 2016 in partnership with the parish councils of the municipality, has helped countless families in the municipality to vaccinate their animals.” He added that “it is unacceptable that people mistreat their animals, and we are committed to ensuring that the municipalities pets are treated with dignity at all times.”

In recent years, the municipality has carried out numerous awareness-raising, vaccination and sterilisation campaigns, an annual investment of 150 thousand euros. As a result, the municipality has currently more than one hundred and fifty animals in its custody, and although adoptions have reached the 50 mark, there are still a large number of cats and dogs looking for good homes. All animals collected in Câmara de Lobos, come under the jurisdiction of SPAD, are well cared for and can be adopted at no cost to those who are seeking, and who can offer a loving home to one of the municipalities adoptees.

As per social distancing rules, the campaign is limited to a maximum of 21 animals per campaign day, and all interested parties should contact their local authority service through the official website and complete the registration form. Upon registration, the municipality will schedule specific vaccination times for each animal. All treatments will be carried out by SPAD veterinarians and support staff.

Please note that the poster does have a different price from that sent out in the official news bulletin.

Samantha Gannon

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