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Madeira is Prepared to Resume ‘Safe Tourism’

“Madeira is doing everything possible to make the recovery of tourism a reality, under the conditions of safety for all.” This is the finding of a meeting held today between the Parliamentary Group of PSD-Madeira and the Madeira Promotion Association.

The aim of the meeting was to analyse new tourism plans, create effective ties so that different bodies can work closely together and understand the steps being taken by the regional government with regards to Madeira’s most important economic sector; tourism.

Talking to reporters, parliamentarian Carlos Rodrigues said that “It was with pleasure that we all agreed that the work that has been done has resulted from collaboration and coordination between the private and the public sector, with special regard to the degree of uncertainty that still exists within the tourist sector.”

He stressed that the markets, in particular the most important ones for Madeira, all have different epidemiological realities and problems, which is why both the Regional Government and the Parliamentary Group have been concerned that all new measures satisfy the conditions of the individual tourist sectors.

In terms of strategy, he stressed, it remains the same. However, our approach is different, which is why we have included ‘domestic’ tourism markets such as the mainland, Azores and even the Canaries.  We are already classed as a ‘Safe’ destination and this will go a long way to easing the worries of potential visitors to the island.

We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that the island remains safe.  The airport is already equipped to cater for travellers from outside the archipelago, while 50% of hotels will be re-opening this month.

Domestic tourism, according to Carlos Rodrigues, is looking up and current figures show that there is a demand for this form of tourism. At the same time, the Regional Government is also working on increasing the competitiveness of Madeira, through the reduction of airport taxes, which has already been requested, and the application of social mobility subsidies to passengers residing on the continent. These measures, however, depend on the Government of the Republic.

Although aware of the pandemic situation, Madeira is leading the way by re-opening in a safe and controlled manner.

Samantha Gannon

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