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We Need to Promote Madeiran Music


Maderians celebrated European Music Day on the 20th of June 2020, during which representatives from a number of cultural and musical organisations presented two measures to the Funchal Council with the aim of promoting the post COVID-19 relaunch of Madeiras music and cultural sector. 

Those involved believe “that the Madeiran culture and music sector can and will play an important role in post-pandemic activities in support of the recovery of regional tourism. This sector includes both Madeiran musicians and cultural animators. Both political party’s believe that it is possible to rejuvenate this sector through improved support for both musicians and innovators. 

After discussions with the Conservatório Students Association of Madeira, it was agreed that the renovation of the Conservatório building is an urgent requirement with regards to creating better working, acoustic and sound conditions which will not only improve the function of the various departments but provide a safe working environment as currently the roof is not weather proof.  

JP Madeira (Juventude Popular Madeira) also considers it necessary to create both small and medium-sized stage facilities throughout the  municipality of Funchal to support Madeiran culture and music which, according to the youth group, are a regional tourist attraction. The overall perception is that provision of these facilities currently lack support from the relevant authorities although their provision has been sought by several local music and cultural groups.  

Samantha Gannon

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