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Orange Alert for Rain Issued


The Regional Civil Protection Service has placed Madeira under an orange alert for heavy rain from 3 pm to 9 pm tomorrow, the 17th of June.  

According to a press statement, the abnormal weather is caused by a depression passing through the Madeiran Archipelago which will worsen as the day progressesThe weather and rain are expected to intensify from late morning tomorrow for a period of 24 hours, easing off later Thursday morning.  However, the critical period is expected tomorrow afternoon. Showers, although weak and infrequent, will continue until Friday the 19th.  

In view of the issued warnings, the Regional Civil Protection Service, has introduced the following recommendations: 

– Drive defensively, reduce speed and take particular care with puddles and localised flooding. 

– Clear gutters and other waterways to ensure that the rainwater can drain away and prevent roads from being littered with debris. 

– Special care should be taken if driving or walking in these conditions, especially in mountainous areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas. 

– When driving or walking near wooded areas, pay particular attention to the possibility of falling branches or trees and other debris to the road.

– Damage to mounted or suspended infrastructure.

– Pay attention to updated weather forecasts, and any Civil Protection and Security Forces safety bulletins.

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