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Freedom of Speech Is A Right For Everyone

"To intimidate or prevent freedom of speech is to subvert the basic principles of democracy in which we live, and we believe that Portugal should adopt laws that will finally put an end to censure and intimidation," stated Sérgio Marques today, speaking about the European Commission directive that aims to protect citizens and entities "from unfounded and abusive lawsuits."

TAP to Receive 970 Million Euro Government Cash Injection

According to the recently released Stability Programme (PE), the Government of the Republic plans to inject 970 million euros into TAP this year, a measure classified as temporary and whose effect on public accounts will be reversed in 2022 and 2023.  After the injection of this money during 2021, the Government forecasts that the effect of 170 million euros of this operation will be reversed in 2022, estimating the same for the remaining 800 million euros in 2023.

Outermost Region Biodiversity Must Be Protected

Sara Cerdas questioned the European Commission on how it is ensuring that Europe's outermost regions (ORs) are developing in terms of biodiversity and what mechanisms it intends to develop to guarantee the conservation of species and ecosystems, giving Laurissilva forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an example. 

As the Socialist Party MEP pointed out, 80% of the European biodiversity potential is found in the ORs and, therefore, special attention should be paid to these regions, taking into account their added value for the development of future strategic sustainable environmental programmes, such as, renewable energies, as well as the importance that their unique heritage represents for Europe and for the world..

She further argued that "biodiversity protection must be at the heart of European policies and that the European Commission should provide specific support for its conservation within the OR's." However, she admitted that it was also "up to the governments of these regions to continue to  preserve biodiversity and promote projects which aim to preserve ecosystems and endemic species."

Passionate about Madeira's natural heritage, Sara Cerdas, maintains that biodiversity is only possible with people and projects that take care of the mountains, protect the forest and work the fields. Concluding that "over the years I have noticed, especially on the north coast of Madeira, that the land and mountains are occupied by invasive plants, jeopardising the existing biodiversity, the Laurissilva forest, and even increasing the risk of fire. We need mechanisms that protect our environment, that include combating depopulation, attracting and encouraging people to live on the north of the island as well as promoting sustainable agriculture and nature initiatives."

European Commission Challenged on TAP Loan

MEP and Transport and Tourism Committee member, Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar,  wrote to the European Commission (EC) this week, a letter which has been endorsed by the entire PSD (Social Democrat) delegation, asking the EC to provide answers as to why the the Government of Portugal was given the 'green light' to grant TAP - Air Portugal a loan totalling 1,200 million euros.

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