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Posts tagged as “economy”

Savage Islands Wardens Placed Under Stress

On the 4th of May, the Union of Workers in Public Functions of the South and Autonomous Regions (STPFSSRA) and Social Services of the South and Autonomous Regions and the Socio-Professional Association of the Maritime Police (ASPPM), expressed themselves in a joint communiqué, against the proposed increased warden stay at the Savage Islands from 15 to 21 days as part of a National Maritime Authority (AMN), naval cost cutting exercise.

Porto Santo – A Treasure Chest of Opportunities

The effects  of the Covid-19 pandemic have had disastrous globally and islands such as Porto Santo have been hit even harder.  With a summer season that has been almost obliterated with lock down and a severe drop in tourism, the islands politicians have started to demand better treatment for the Porto Santeans and a slice of the economic pie.

A Tough Time Ahead

The Representative of the Republic, Ireneu Barreto, and the President of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, José Manuel Rodrigues, met today to discuss the economic fallout and social crisis resulting from the pandemic.

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