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Precision Agriculture is the Future

The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development participated today in the conference titled ‘Precision Agriculture in the Autonomous Region of Madeira,’ which took place at the Madeira Agricultural School in São Vicente and brought together about a hundred participants.

During a speech, Humberto Vasconcelos, stressed the importance of the University of Madeira in this regard, as it has developed important works in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Agriculture. He went on to say, “the organisation of this event meets a perspective that is ours, that our agriculture can evolve to a higher level, in this case to precision, with less use of labour and more use of technology. In this sense, we have already made an important investment in the acquisition of a drone, whose functionalities are a guarantee the modernisation of our agriculture, which we all want, as it will provide a future of increasing sustainability and greater profitability.”

It should be noted that Precision Agriculture allows the use of technologies and involves the differentiated application, and tailored to the available resources, taking into account the spatial and temporal variation of the productive potential of the environment and the specific needs of the crops, in order to increase their efficiency of use and thus improve the economic yield with reduction of the environmental impact of the agricultural activity due to the rigor of the control during production.

Samantha Gannon

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