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São Toméan students Believe They Are Being Exploited

Last updated on 28th March 2023

A group of São Toméan students have contacted media outlets to express their dissatisfaction with the way they are being treated at the Hotel School in Funchal.

Students claim that practical classes can last from 07:00 and not finish until 22:00. While others complain about their living conditions, as some are billeted outside of the hotel school, while others live in. However, conditions are cramped with too many people sharing a room.  They also complain that they do not get Sundays off.

They further claim that the Hotel School director, Rui Abreu, refuses to enter into any dialogue concerning their complaints, and that they were not told that they would leave their country to face these ‘precarious conditions.’ A situation that has been ongoing since December 2022.

Although local JM reporters were able to contact Rui Abreu, he refused to talk about the situation and merely referred them to the ‘Right of Reply’ which will be published in the DN.

Only one student identified themselves, the rest said they feared reprisals.

Responding to this, the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque stressed that he was unaware of the situation, that the situation needs investigating, and that no foreign student in Madeira should be discriminated against.

Former students have also commented on the situation providing pictures confirming that some of the living conditions such as five to a room and only one bathroom are as poor as the students say they are.

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