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Tourist Rescued From Pico Ruivo

A Danish tourist who became unwell while walking along the Pico Ruivo pathway was rescued by the Regional Civil Protection Service helicopter team.

According to a statement from the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC), an emergency phone call was received at 13:33 today, stating that a Danish tourist needed urgent medical treatment. The Mountain Rescue team of the Volunteer Firefighters of Santana found the person in considerable distress, as they could not walk, and were showing signs of fatigue and shortness of breath.  After they was initially stabilised, aerial assistance was called for.

On arrival at the Regional Civil Protection Service centre in Cancela, they was assisted by an EMIR Team and Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, who transported them to A & E.

Including today’s mission, the helicopter team has rescued six people this year from the island’s mountainous regions.

Samantha Gannon

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