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Chained Dog Rescued From Icy Conditions

This Sunday, the Association – Help to Feed Dogs put an end to another dog’s miser,y as they rescued a chained dog in Lugar da Serra, Campanário who had been left to starve to death.

On its Facebook page the association wrote:

“Someone chained him without any shelter and left him.  The dog only managed to survive through the kindness of strangers, as residents in the area put up a makeshift shelter and made sure that he had food and water until help could arrive. We have called him Cocoa.

When we arrived he was completely frozen. It’s too cold and too much rain. We picked him up even though we didn’t know how we were going to house yet another dog, and pay for his medical care and keep. We’re at breaking point. Cocoa is a small dog and he’s less than a year old, yet he’s experienced a tough life where he would have been left to starve.

If anyone can help us, please do so.”

The association also advised that these cases are now a daily occurrence, and all the associations are overwhelmed with animals, rising costs, and mounting debts.

Samantha Gannon

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Photo: Association

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